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Irregular Hem Slim Look Loose Dress
Special Buy: S$16.95

Lightweight Beauty Ruffle Korean Chiffon Shirt
 <font color="red">Red only has XXL, Black has XL, 2XL, 3XL. </font>
Special Buy: S$17.45

Korean Lady Elegant Sleeves Pleated Chiffon Blouse
Special Buy: S$15.95

Lovely Printed Chiffon Plus Size Dress Top
 <font color="red">Red & White Dots on Black XXL is sold out. Others can be pre-ordered.</font>
Special Buy: S$19.95

Korean Style Fashionable Flower Prints Medium Long Shirt
 <font color="red"><b>White only has XL size</b></font>
Special Buy: S$14.25

ioeoi Romantic Elegant Painting Silk Fake 2 pcs Chiffon Blouse
 <font color="red"><b>Purple was sold out</b></font>
Special Buy: S$16.75

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